Gynecomastia Surgery for Male Breast Reduction: Yes, We Do That!

Think we only offer plastic surgery procedures and solutions for women? Think again! We are an equal opportunity plastic surgeon and one of our most popular plastic surgery procedures is gynecomastia surgery for men.

Breast reduction surgery corrects enlarged or overdeveloped breasts. It may be performed on men of any age who may be suffering from breast enlargement due to disease, genetics, or hormonal changes. Enlarged breasts in men can also be caused by the use of certain drugs, which may require a gynecomastia procedure to correct.

If you have enlarged breasts, you may see excessive fat in the breast area, excessive development of your glandular tissue, or it may be in one breast and not in the other.

Gynecomastia may be a consideration if you feel embarrassment or have close proximity issues—or if gynecomastia is affecting your life and your relationships adversely.

Check out the FAQs for gynecomastia surgery in this post. Happy reading!

If you are interested in male breast reduction surgery or any other plastic surgery procedure, please contact us online today or call (407) 548-1536.

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