Breast Reduction

Breast size is a very personal decision, and only you can decide what’s right for you. Our breast reduction patients come to us for very different reasons. Some say their overly large breasts make it difficult to exercise, or sleep comfortably. Others complain of back pain, or difficulty finding flattering clothes that fit. Some women have wanted smaller breasts since they were teenagers, while others became unhappy with their breasts after childbirth or aging. And some may be seeking to correct asymmetry (different size breasts) which has always been present. Regardless of your situation, it may be time to consider breast reduction.

Breast Reduction
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Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Case: 1 of 9
Case: 1 of 9

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

In your initial consultation, Dr. Pope will listen to your concerns and gain a complete understanding of your goals. He will explain in detail his surgical approach, and prepare you for the recovery period.

The most common incision with breast reduction is around the areola, straight down the lower part of the breast to the crease, and then another incision along the direction of the fold. The breasts will be resized and positioned, and excess fat and skin will be removed. Dr. Pope takes care to maintain blood supply to the nipple and areola to avoid the risk of discoloration and loss of sensation. Nipple sensation will gradually return.

Dr. George Pope

George Pope, MD, FACS

Dual Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon
Respected by patients and other physicians, Dr. Pope has been serving the Orlando area for over 30 years. Whether you're considering enhancement of your face, breasts, or body, he has the training, talent, and experience necessary to achieve the attractive results you want.

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You should be able to return to work within seven to 10 days and you can return to normal physical activity and exercise in six to eight weeks.

Breast reduction (technically called reduction mammoplasty) can be done in combination with many other cosmetic procedures. It is very often combined with a breast lift and liposuction of surrounding areas to enhance the results.

As with any cosmetic surgery, choosing a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon is the most important decision you will make. Dr. Pope has more than 30 years experience with cosmetic breast surgery, and is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the gold standard in accreditation. He has performed thousands of procedures in Central Florida and has held leadership positions at Orlando Health and Florida Hospital. Request a consultation using our online form or call Pope Plastic Surgery at (407) 857-6261 for an appointment.

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