Frequently Asked Questions about Gynecomastia

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What is Gynecomastia?Gynecomastia is the overdevelopment of male breast tissue. It is usually diagnosed in a physical exam or after viewing a patient’s medical history. Boys and men who suffer from Orlando gynecomastia may also experience low self-esteem, embarrassment, depression, and isolation.

How can I get rid of gynecomastia?Though there are several pills and creams that claim to reduce or improve gynecomastia, you should be wary of spending your hard-earned money on them. Plastic surgery is the only known effective treatment for gynecomastia and Dr. Pope and his staff are committed to helping patients with this condition address and solve the problem.

How do I know if I’m a candidate for gynecomastia surgery?Dr. Pope and his staff will conduct a thorough examination and collect all information regarding your medical history. Dr. Pope will also want to know all your expectations and answer any questions you might have regarding the procedure and post-op care. That’s why it’s best to schedule a consultation and speak to a Dr. Pope, a board certified plastic surgeon. He will be able to answer any specific questions you may have and help solve this often embarrassing, condition.

What does the treatment entail?Through a combination of direct excision and liposuction, a surgeon can shape a chest to be firmer and flatter, resulting in a smoother, more pleasing silhouette.

Do you offer financing?Dr. Pope accepts all major credit cards, cash, CareCredit and cashier’s checks.

If you would like to learn more about how to minimize or eliminate excess breast tissue with Orlando gynecomastia surgery, contact Dr. George Pope and his team at Pope Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation.

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