Look Years Younger Without Surgery

A chemical peel can help you look younger without having to undergo invasive surgical procedures. This cosmetic treatment can help reinvigorate the skin by removing dead skin cells from the surface to reveal smoother and more vibrant skin.

Understanding the Chemical Peel Treatment

A chemical peel is a cosmetic treatment that is used to make the skin look smoother and more youthful. Experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. George Pope, will apply the chemical solution on the skin to remove the surface layer of dead skin cells. The upper skin layer sheds off in a controlled manner and in its place a new layer of skin forms.

A chemical peel can be used to:

● Fade marks caused by scars● Treat skin damaged by excessive sun exposure● Remove wrinkles and get rid of sagging skin● Remove and treat hyperpigmentation, age spots, melasma (dark patches)● Get rid of crow’s feet● Get smoother skin on the hands, neck, and face

Types of Chemical Peels

There are three main types of chemical peels and they are:

● Superficial peel – The acid (mostly alpha hydroxy acid) is mild in nature and it is applied only to work on the outermost skin layer. It is ideal for treating slightly rough skin and mild discoloration.

● Medium peel – The application of an acid (like trichloroacetic or glycolic acid) is for outer and middle layers of the skin. It is ideal for treating wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots.

● Deep peel – The application of an acid (phenol or trichloroacetic acid) is for the deeper layer of skin. It is ideal for those who need to treat badly damaged skin, excessive wrinkles, freckles, and scars. It is a very intense treatment and can only be done once.

Steps to Take Before a Chemical Peel Treatment

There are several things you need to consider and steps to take before you should undergo a chemical peel treatment.

● Always remember to talk to a certified medical professional to learn more about the treatment. Do not try to use acids at home by yourself or through anyone not certified to carry out chemical peel treatments. A chemical peel is a technical treatment that requires extreme caution and precision to achieve the desired results without causing any problems on the skin.

● Follow all the steps Dr. Pope asks you to take before your treatment. You may be asked to stop taking some medications and to apply a medicated cream on the skin to prepare it for the treatment.

● Always tell your doctor about your expectations from the treatment. Based on the results you desire and the condition of your skin; the doctor can suggest the right chemical peel treatment for you.

After a chemical peel, you may need a week or two to heal depending on the extensiveness of the treatment.

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