Recovering from a Gynecomastia Surgery

With a gynecomastia surgery, men can safely get rid of overdeveloped breasts. The excessive localized fat and breast tissues in men can be removed through plastic surgery procedures. Dr. George Pope, an experienced cosmetic and revisionist surgeon of Pope Plastic Surgery has helped several male patients with gynecomastia surgeries in Florida. The surgery takes about 2 to 3 hours after which dressings and bandages are applied to cover the treated area. It is important to let the chest heal properly for the best results of a gynecomastia surgery. The patient can expect complete recovery in 10 to 15 days.

Some pain and discomfort is normal after any plastic surgery procedure and this also holds true for gynecomastia surgery. The patient may also feel nauseated due to the effect of anesthesia. Dr. George Pope always prescribes the best medications and painkillers to minimize the discomfort for his patients after any plastic or cosmetic surgery.

A patient should not feel alarmed if a blood stained fluid oozes out from the area where the incision was made. It’s normal and stops in about 10-12 hours after the surgery. Indeed, after gynecomastia surgery, the surgeon typically places a small, thin tube under the skin to drain this excess fluid without causing any problems for the patient. Patients may feel a bruise-like or muscle cramp like pain on the chest if fat tissues were removed during the surgery. It is essential to adhere to the surgeon’s advice and take the prescribed medications on time for proper healing of these areas.

The chest areas contoured during the gynecomastia surgery feel numb for a few days and there may also be a swelling for some time. This should not cause any disappointment to the patient as swelling subsides with time. Ice packs and light massage can speed up the healing.

Compression vests are also prescribed for some patients after gynecomastia surgery. These not only help to reduce swelling but also protect the treated area against infection.

The moral support offered by your surgeon, family and friends also matters a lot and helps in recovering from any plastic surgery.

Dr. George Pope of Pope Plastic Surgery is one of the most respected and sought-after gynecomastia plastic surgeons in Florida. His expertise and the wonderful facilities at Pope Plastic Surgery make it possible for patients to get the best in comfortable, professional, and discreet cosmetic surgery treatments.

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