Embarrassed About Male Breasts? Consider Breast Reduction Surgery

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Despite what some people commonly think, breast reduction surgery is highly beneficial to men and women alike. Men who choose to undergo the procedure may be self-conscious about the way they look. Many feel embarrassed or ashamed about their development of large male breasts.

For men, having overly large breasts can negatively impact your self-esteem. If you’re a man who suffers from enlarged breasts (also known as gynecomastia), male breast reduction surgery at my Orlando practice can be a quick and effective solution to help boost your confidence.

What Is Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Male breast reduction has become a popular procedure for men who want to decrease the size of their breasts and improve their appearance. Surgery can help remove excess fat deposits and glandular tissue from the chest region to reveal a smoother, flatter, and firmer surface. The procedure can make you appear more masculine and, as a result, boost your confidence levels.

Why Do Some Men Suffer from Gynecomastia?

A large portion of men in the United States suffer from gynecomastia. Men may develop the condition as a result of genetics, diet, or through the use of certain medications. You may develop male breasts at any age, and it can even appear in men with a slim body frame. Pinpointing the exact cause can be difficult, making it a tough condition to prevent.

To undergo the procedure, you should be in good health, ready to follow Dr. Pope’s instructions, and have realistic expectations.

Advantages of Having Male Breast Reduction Surgery

If you’re suffering from gynecomastia, male breast reduction surgery is the only proven way to reduce the size of male breasts. The procedure has many benefits, including:

  • Safe removal of excess fat and glandular tissue to improve the shape and contours of the chest and increase one’s aesthetic appeal
  • Helps boost your ego and self-confidence, so you will finally be able to feel confident removing your shirt in public
  • Outstanding results from this safe and effective option

Dr. Pope is dedicated to helping anyone interested in the procedure understand the details involved. He will guide you through the whole process and develop a plan that is suited for your unique needs.

How Does Male Breast Reduction Work?

Male breast reduction can be performed with the assistance of liposuction. As one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures available, liposuction is perfect for male breast reduction. However, it is important to work with a surgeon like Dr. Pope who is highly skilled in this procedure and has over 25 years of experience.

Dr. Pope will administer general anesthetic to help limit any possible discomfort that may arise during surgery. Incisions are made on either side of the chest and/or at the bottom of the chest (depending on how much fat and glandular tissue has to be removed). Incisions are usually placed at the edge of the areola or underneath the armpits.

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Gynecomastia is nothing to be ashamed of. If you’re having issues with enlarged male breasts, we can help. Browse our before-and-after gallery and contact our office to schedule a consultation with board-certified surgeon Dr. George Pope. With his help, you finally will be able to obtain a well-defined chest and enhance your aesthetic appeal.

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