Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for Men

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A common misconception has been that cosmetic surgery is primarily for women. The truth is that men increasingly turn to cosmetic surgery to address many body issues, from wanting to appear thinner to the desire to look younger. Below is a list of some common cosmetic procedures popular among men:

  • Forty to sixty percent of men have excess breast tissue, commonly known as gynecomastia, which can lead to low-self esteem and in some cases, depression. Fortunately, the condition can be easily corrected through liposuction or direct excision of the breast tissue, resulting in a more contoured upper body.
  • A tummy tuck, or abdominolasty, is a surgical procedure that corrects a protruding or sagging abdomen by repairing the muscles and removing excess skin and fat. The result is a smoother and firmer silhouette.
  • https://www.georgepopemd.comLike a tummy tuck, liposuction achieves a shaped and sleek form. The difference is that liposuction can be performed on areas other than the stomach including, the hips, buttocks, chin and neck.
  • Men are also likely to undergo procedures to improve their facial appearance. Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) lifts droopy eyelids and removes excess fatty deposits and bags underneath the eyes for a more youthful and refreshed look. In facelifts, the plastic surgeon removes excess skin and fat, redrapes the remaining skin, and tightens muscles, for an invigorated appearance. Brow lifts revitalize drooping and lined foreheads and are often combined with blepharoplasty and facelifts; together, these procedures can take years off the face.
  • Rhinoplasty changes the size and/or shape of the nose for more facial balance and symmetry. Options include modifying width, removing bumps, smoothing divots or depressions, correcting a drooping or upturned tip, and even reducing nostrils.

Dr. George Pope can perform these surgeries for men at Pope Plastic Surgery, located centrally in South Downtown Orlando.

Dr. George Pope’s Pope Plastic Surgery provides Central Florida with first-class Orlando cosmetic surgery services. Our exceptionally trained staff delivers services designed to assist you in your journey toward a better quality of life. When you visit Pope Plastic Surgery, you will be greeted by our friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate staff, who will ensure you receive the most outstanding experience possible.

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