What Exactly is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

It’s one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in America, but what exactly does the surgery entail? Well, we could probably write an extremely lengthy post about it, but we’re going to break it down to it’s most simplest of meanings. Be sure to read some of our other posts on the subject… and be sure that when you choose a breast augmentation surgeon, you select one that is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery like Dr. Pope.

Breast augmentation is the surgical procedure to cosmetically enhance the shape and size of a woman’s breast using implants. Women usually undergo breast augmentation surgery for cosmetic reasons, though in some cases it may be undertaken for a medical purpose.

The implants usually comprise of a silicone rubber shell filled with medical grade silicone gel or a salt water solution known as saline. The procedure of inserting and positioning the implant depends on the woman’s preferences, anatomy and the surgeon’s recommendation. The implant is normally inserted through a cut made in the natural crease beneath the breast. The incision may also be made in the armpit or around the edge of the areola. Once the implants are placed, the incisions are closed by using fine sutures which get dissolved with time.

The normal duration for a breast augmentation surgery is about 90 minutes, and it is done under general anesthesia. There may be slight swelling and bruising which is completely normal after any surgical procedure. Painkillers may be prescribed to subside such discomfort.

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