Types of Rhinoplasty: Open, Closed, and Revisionist Procedures

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Patients seeking nose jobs must have a basic understanding of the rhinoplasty procedures and the impact they can have not only on the appearance of the nose but also the breathing pattern. Rhinoplasty may be cosmetic, functional or revisionist, depending on the purpose for which it is being performed.

One of the surgical approaches for rhinoplasty is the closed rhinoplasty in which all the incisions are made inside the nose so that there are no external scars. While some plastic surgeons feel that an open rhinoplasty provides more access to the nasal structures, a skilled surgeon will be able to use any of the procedures effectively. The advantages of closed rhinoplasty include less swelling after the surgery, less scarring, a shorter duration of the surgery and quick recovery period.

Open rhinoplasty is the technique for nasal surgery where the cartilage of the nose is exposed by peeling back the nasal skin. This is done with a small external incision on the columella – the part of the nose between two nostrils and additional incisions are made inside the nose. While performing a rhinoplasty through an open approach, the surgeon can look directly at the lower one-third to one-half of the nose. The nasal skeleton of the lower nose and tip is made up by cartilage, which is the part that the plastic surgeon has to primarily work on. Reshaping of the upper nose is not significantly different between the two rhinoplasty approaches – the open and closed techniques. Once the cartilage is exposed, they are modified by reducing, reshaping, suturing, and supporting them. Almost always in open rhinoplasty, “grafts” are placed to ensure maintenance of the desired structure.

Closed and open approaches are used for cosmetic, functional and revisionist rhinoplasties as per the severity of the problem and the aim of the surgery. Nose job surgeries are usually performed under general anesthesia to cause no disturbance to patient. The recovery period after an open rhinoplasty is longer than closed rhinoplasty. The medication prescribed by the surgeon should be taken to reduce discomfort and swelling.

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