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In this modern era, being perfect has become a trend. Everyone wants to be perfect with ideal body shape. Having a body with skin bulging out from various body parts has become a matter of shame for the people. This not only lowers down their confidence but also makes them unfit. And if a man has overdeveloped breasts then it becomes difficult for him to enjoy normal living. Dr George Pope, an established plastic surgeon of Pope Plastic Surgery, provides effective gynecomastia treatment in Orlando.

Due to careless attitude towards diet and lifestyle habits, men start accumulating fat. This leads to development of large memory glands. As a result, Shaping of new breast takes place. At that time, try to be little more radical. Choose out the best gynecomastia treatment Orlando. Sometimes, drugs are used to treat the patients of gynecomastia, Orlando. But, drugs used for the gynecomastia treatment are not approved by FDA. These drugs are effective only in few cases. People often take medical treatment during first two three years. But after that, the breast tissue hardens and remains there.

Extra skin in heavy or older men requires removing of all the breast tissues. If you are bothered by the fact that your breasts are too large, then take gynecomastia treatment. Surgery is a good option if you are physically healthy and your breast development is stabilized. Surgeries can be done on those people who are non-smoker, non-drug user and healthy individuals. At Pope Plastic Surgery, Dr. Pope performs all these procedures:

  • Direct tissue excision.
  • Liposuction.
  • Combination of the two.
  • Mastectomy with free nipple grafting.

Even chest compression garments and hormonal manipulation can also be done for gynecomastia treatment Orlando. Dr. George Pope performs diagnostic testing and examines your breasts before conducting the surgery. There are various things to be kept in mind before your surgery begins. These are:

  • Lab testing
  • Stop smoking.
  • Avoid aspirin and herbal supplements.

So, if you are embarrassed by your oversized breasts, then contact us today for gynecomastia treatment Orlando.

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