Smooth vs. Textured Breast Implants

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Undergoing an Orlando breast augmentation is a complex decision that should not be made lightly. Even once you’re certain that it is what you want, you still have several important options that you’ll need to consider, including the type of implant and its texture.

Deciding what type of implant is right for you should be made in partnership with a board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. George Pope at Pope Plastic Surgery. It pays to do your research in advance of the consultation so you can ask informed questions.

Once you’ve decided which implant shape fits your cosmetic needs, you may also need to decide on which texture you prefer. There are two breast implant surface options: smooth and textured.

  • Smooth breast implants typically feel like the outside of an inflated balloon and are the most common texture used in breast augmentation procedures. The smooth implants are more natural to the touch because they have a thinner shell wall. This thin shell makes the implant much softer than a textured implant, causing it to display much less rippling. Doctors who prefer to use smooth shell implants generally place them under the muscle in order to prevent capsular contracture, a type of complication involving scar tissue growing around the implant.
  • Textured implants feel like sandpaper (don’t worry; they won’t scratch or do damage once they’re implanted), and were designed and constructed to limit the risk of capsular contracture. It’s important to note that this claim hasn’t been proven conclusively. Textured implants typically create cohesion between the implant and the surrounding tissue, which reduces the risk of the implant shifting in the pocket. If an implant shifts or flips the breast may appear misshapen. Issues reported with a textured implant are: irregular formation of scar tissue around the implant causing a noticeable rippling effect, displaying a higher deflation rate and an overly firm appearance.

If you have any questions about the types of implants available, or would like to learn more about your Orlando breast augmentation options, contact Dr. George Pope and his team at the Pope Plastic Surgery for a consultation.

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