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Seeing wrinkles and laugh lines that make you think about Botox and plastic surgery? But Plastic Surgery may not be the only answer to improving your appearance. 

Here are some treatments which can bring about a youthful appearance in patients at a fraction of the cost of plastic surgery:

  • Sculptra: This is an injection which allows you to rebuild collagen in your facial tissues. When used, it creates a fresher, more plumped up appearance and has a longer lasting effect than Botox. It costs approximately $1000 per vial but may be worth every penny.
  • Dysport: This is another injection but it is closer to Botox and has similar chemicals. Dysport injections paralyze the wrinkle-causing muscles leaving patients looking younger and energized. Dysport results may last for almost three to four months,a gain similar to Botox.
  • Broadband light treatment: This treatment is mostly used to remove freckles, brown spots, and other skin imperfections. You may end up requiring many sessions at approximately $300-$400 per session but it is one of the more non-invasive procedures available.

Remember to always consult with a licensed practitioner before deciding upon any of the above procedures. And also remember that this blog doesn’t constitute “medical” advise but is only meant to share insight and information at a general/high-level.

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