Recovery from Cosmetic Surgeries

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You opt for a facial cosmetic surgery for improvement in looks and appearance and this is why waiting for the final results to appear proves to be cumbersome. But it must be understood that recovery from any plastic surgery procedure is a part of the journey. You need to be ‘patient’ – literally! The results of a successful plastic surgery by a board certified surgeon in FL seem magical but plastic surgery itself is no magic – it is a medical science and body tissues take some time to heal and reveal the cosmetically enhanced look that you desire. When you have faith in your cosmetic surgeon and follow his instructions carefully, take proper rest and diet, the road to recovery does not seem very long.

Dr. George Pope, MD, FACS is a well known surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and he helps his patients to be emotionally prepared before the surgery and confidently recover after their plastic surgery procedure.

Some bruising, swelling and soreness on or around the treated area is normal after any plastic surgery. The post surgery pain and discomfort can be relieved with safe painkillers. At Pope Plastic Surgery, Dr. Pope and his support staff take good care of all patients and effective medications are given to alleviate pain. You are also given good antibiotics to prevent any infection.

After any facial plastic surgery procedure, you need to take care of the treated area and sleep with your head elevated to reduce swelling. Sleeping on sides is not advisable. If you quit smoking and alcohol consumption before the surgery, continue to refrain. As per cosmetic surgery doctors, smoking in particular nullifies the positive impacts of a plastic surgery procedure. It causes a tired and aging look on the face. Smoking also decreases the amount of oxygen that your tissues get while you are healing, and causes problems with wound healing.

In the post surgery period, if you have a body temperature of over 101° F, feel dizzy or nauseous, have uncontrollable pain or discharge from your incision areas, always consult your surgeon instead of going for over-the-counter medications.

The purpose of your plastic surgery is to enhance your cosmetic look and this is apparent once you recover completely. At Pope Plastic Surgery, Dr. George Pope believes that the work of a cosmetic surgeon is complete only when his patients feel satisfied and happy with results and this is why we give the best when you choose us! Get an appointment with Dr. Pope for face lifts, otoplasty, eye lid surgeries, nose jobs or gynecomastia surgery in FL.

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