Pseudo Gynecomastia

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Pseudo gynecomastia is a condition wherein a man appears to have breasts due to build up of fat on the chest area. This deformity is very common in men who are obese but may also affect males with normal body weight. When pseudo gynecomastia affects men who are otherwise healthy, it is typically due to use of some drugs, medications or highly acidic PH levels in the body. Gynecomastia in any form can be a very embarrassing and demoralizing problem for men. The desire to look and feel good is very natural – thanks to advanced plastic surgery procedures, it is possible to transform looks for the best results.

Dr. George Pope of Pope Plastic Surgery has performed several plastic surgeries in more than two decades of his medical practice. He takes a keen interest in all individual cases and gives his patients life changing experiences with cosmetic surgery treatments. It is not easy to lose fat from the chest area with mere diet controls and work outs – by going under the surgeon’s knife you can get the well chiseled male chest that you wish for!

The surgeon must know the exact causes of a problem before starting with the required procedure. If you feel that pseudo gynecomastia was caused by the intake of some medication, always give the names to your surgeon. Some medicines trigger the production of estrogen in the body, causing the development of breasts. Besides few legal, over the counter, and prescribed drugs, regular intake of marijuana can also cause gynecomastia.

Highly acidic PH level in the body is a common factor behind pseudo gynecomastia in males. What and how you eat is very important to the changes in your body. Pre cooked meals, fries and frozen foods have become very common now but such foods have a variety of preservatives that cause body PH levels to go up unnaturally. The body then starts storing more fat and when stored on the chest, it manifests as gynecomastia.

Excision of male breast tissue, and liposuction procedures are the techniques that Dr. George Pope uses for gynecomastia treatments in Orlando. At Pope Plastic Surgery, microcannulas are used for removal of excessive fat from the body – this helps to avoid any visible scars on the chest.

A well chiseled and firm male chest is the result of a gynecomastia surgery. Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. George Pope is an expert on these surgeries and has performed many over 25 years in Central Florida. Speak to us at Pope Plastic Surgery for an appointment with Dr. Pope.

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