Plastic Surgery Blog: Recovering after a Brow Lift Surgery

A brow lift surgery is for those who want to remove wrinkles, lines, and drooping skin from their forehead to give a more youthful appearance to their eyebrows. A board certified surgeon should be consulted to determine if you are the ideal candidate for a brow lift surgery. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and requires incisions on the forehead and/or the eye lid to improve the appearance of the brow and forehead.

The recovery time after different plastic surgery procedures, including brow lift surgery, is most overwhelming for patients. It should be remembered that healing is a gradual process and one cannot expect a magical reformation within hours after the surgery. Full results of a brow lift surgery begin to appear about 20 to 30 days after the surgery.

After surgery, you can expect to feel slight pain and discomfort. Your cosmetic surgeon will prescribe some medications and pain killers to be taken during the recovery process after the surgery.

The forehead and scalp usually feel tight and warm after a brow lift surgery. Bruising and swelling are normal for all patients and tend to last for around seven to ten days. Some patients may even observe under-eye swelling. This, however, subsides soon. Applying cold compressors on the head and face does help to reduce swelling and bruising. Herbal remedies may also be used after consulting the board certified surgeon.

It is important to sleep with the head in an elevated position after the brow lift surgery. Strenuous exercises must be avoided for at least 5-6 days following the surgery. The intake of alcohol also should be stopped. Smoking must also be avoided in the post-surgery period.

Swelling and bruising usually subsides in seven to ten days after the brow lift surgery though the real difference in facial look comes in about 20 to 30 days. The final outcome is a more youthful appearance and sharp facial features.

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