Plastic Surgeon Blog: Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures means that instead of going under the knife like in the olden days, you’ll be treated with non-ablative lasers, light-based therapies, radio frequency, acoustic waves, and sometimes also procedures done with a local anesthetic.

One such procedure that can be performed non-surgically is Rhinoplasty.

You know what a rhinoplasty is right? Yes, it’s most commonly known as a nose job. A non-surgical rhinoplasty cannot reduce the size of a large nose. It simply involves re-contouring to remove irregularities and reshaping to make the nose appear smaller on the face. And if patients are not satisfied with the the non-surgical nose job, they can do another revision instead of going through a surgical rhinoplasty.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is the perfect option when you:

  • may have a bump of tissue around the nose and just want to reduce it’s appearance
  • wish to remove or reduce dents, grooves, depressions on your nose
  • wish to improve symmetry or shape
  • want to lift a drooping nasal tip
  • want to reshape to a sharp tip or round shaped nose

To achieve a symmetrical look and a smoother shape, your physician may inject small amounts of dermal filler (such as Radiesse, Silicone, etc) where the areas need to be filled out.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is not for everyone. Non-surgical rhinoplasty is also not for people in a hurry to get a better looking nose. Non-surgical rhinoplasty may take up to six or eight weeks because it may require multiple sessions of micro-filling of dermal filler to create the shape you desire.

Contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation if you are seriously interested in getting a Non-surgical rhinoplasty done!

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