Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Tips

Orlando cosmetic surgery is a multi-pronged process. First, you have to decide what you’d like to have done. Next, you’ll need to locate a trustworthy, experienced cosmetic surgeon and discuss what procedure is right for you. Finally, you’ll have the surgery. But you still aren’t done: you’ll also need a post-op plan. Recovering from cosmetic surgery may seem daunting, but with the experience and know-how of Dr. George Pope and his team, recovery can be comfortable and effective.

It’s important to adopt or maintain a healthy lifestyle prior to the day of surgery. This includes avoiding smoking, alcohol, supplements, unhealthy foods and certain medication. It’s best to avoid ibuprofen and aspirin during the healing process, for example, as they can interfere with blood clotting.

It’s recommended to plan for your recovery prior to the procedure itself. This includes preparing meals ahead of time, requesting time off from work, and either getting errands and chores done in advance, or making arrangements for someone to take care of them for you while you’re recovering.

Depending on the type of cosmetic surgery you undergo, you may experience some pain or discomfort. Your doctor will likely prescribe medication for pain management. Dr. George Pope offers Exparel, which is a post-operation pain management analgesic known for its safety and efficacy, and long duration of action.

It’s important that you listen to your doctor’s orders for proper recovery. Ensure that you have a clear, concise recovery plan ready; if you have any questions, ask your cosmetic surgeon.

While the recovery process may be different for everyone, Dr. George Pope and the staff at Pope Plastic Surgery want to make it a positive and comfortable experience for you. Be sure to contact them if you have any questions about your Orlando cosmetic surgery procedure.

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