Nose Jobs ( Rhinoplasty ) – Coping with the Healing Process.

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The healing process after a nose job can be an uncomfortable experience. Although the procedure is worth it in the long run, you should be prepared for many days of rest after surgery.

The amount of post-surgery bruising and swelling varies from patient to patient as per the plastic surgery procedures used during the operation. In cases where the nasal bone is broken and reset, swelling is most severe. Also, open rhinoplasty causes greater swelling than closed rhinoplasty.

Swelling is greatest, of course, immediately after the surgery, when the patient is moved from our OASIS surgical suite. This remains so and may even get worse for two to three days. With the nasal area being affected, the patient may also feel puffiness on rest of his/her face, especially around the eyes. The swelling makes the patient uncomfortable, but does not cause much pain and the medications prescribed the doctor do provide relief.

rhinopalsty before and after image for blog postThe cosmetic surgeon may use a surgical tape and splint to apply over the nose. These help to compress the swelling and prevent the build up of fluid and scar tissue beneath the skin. Use of cold compresses is also prescribed in the week following the surgery and these too help to reduce the swelling and sooth the nasal area.

By the time the surgeon removes the rhinoplasty splint, which is normally during the post operative check up after nose jobs Florida, the swelling and bruising are greatly reduced. After a couple of weeks the puffiness is barely visible to a casual observer. However, it may take several weeks or even months before the swelling disappears completely. This makes many patients a little self consciousness about their appearance though it is highly unlikely that such minor swelling is noticeable to anyone other than the cosmetic surgeon and the patients themselves.

The kind of nasal skin the patient has also determines the time that swelling takes to disappear completely. Patients with thicker skin tend to have more swelling after the nose job. Too much exposure to sun can prolong swelling, which is why wearing a good sunscreen is essential whenever the person steps outdoors. After rhinoplasty, your cosmetic surgeon gives you certain instructions such as avoiding strenuous exercises and sleeping in an elevated position. These must be followed properly.

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