Minimize Visible Effects of Aging with Browlift Surgery

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The signs of aging on the face are most prominent around the chin, on the eyelids and on the forehead. Wrinkles on the forehead may cause your eyebrows to sag giving you a tired or gloomy look. This may also worsen the look of excess skin on the upper eyelids. In some people it results in deepening of the expression lines and wrinkling on the forehead. The effective treatment to such problem lies in brow lift surgery by an experienced plastic surgeon. In Orlando, Dr. George Pope, M.D, FACS, has successfully performed hundreds of classic and endoscopic browlift surgeries to give renewed looks to his patients.

People who seek cosmetic improvements through a brow lift surgery typically fall in the age group of 40 to 60 years. But thanks to hectic life style and poor diet, signs of aging may also impact a younger person. Have a pre surgery consultation with the doctor to prepare yourself emotionally and physiologically for the surgery. Smoking and intake of alcohol must be stopped at least a week before the treatment. Your doctor also advises you to stop taking blood thinning medicines such as aspirin to prevent excessive bleeding during the procedure.

Brow lifts surgeries may be performed under general or local anesthesia as per the amount of correction required. For a classic or conventional brow lift, a continuous cut needs to be made – this begins at the levels of ears and goes up around the hairline.

For an endoscopic lift, Dr. George Pope makes few short cuts on the scalp and inserts a small scope (camera) at the end of a thin tube into one of the cuts. In endoscopic lift, small anchors are used to secure the tissue. As the incisions are smaller, the procedure is less invasive than conventional lift. Dr. George Pope ensures that you will have minimal scarring and a shorter recovery time. At times, brow lift surgery is also performed with facelift surgery and blepharoplasty.

With a safe brow lift surgery at Pope Plastic Surgery, you will get to see the results in about 15 to 20 days. A more youthful appearance and cosmetically superior look also improves your self confidence. Dr. George Pope has over 25 years of experience in field of cosmetic surgeries. He is also the member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and The American Board of Plastic Surgery. Call us today to book your appointment with the best plastic surgeon in Orlando.

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