Liposuction of Legs and Ankles

Excessive obesity can impact all parts of body including legs and ankles. But in some cases the distribution and proportion of localized fat, especially on female legs and ankles may be hereditarily predetermined. Women who have inconsistent and displeasing distribution of fat on their legs often find that such fat is also resistant to diet and exercise. This is where a cosmetic surgery procedure – liposuction can help. While opting for any cosmetic or plastic surgery in Orlando, it is important to trust only a board certified surgeon for the procedure.

A cosmetic procedure like liposuction is offered in many clinics across FL but a board certified surgeon always ensures the use of safest and most effective medical techniques for fat removal. It needs to be remembered that fat on legs and ankles is typically superficial fat. In other words, fat tissues for leg and ankles are not very deep. Improper liposuction can significantly increase risk of injury to the sub dermal vascular plexus. This is why it is crucial to trust only an experienced board certified surgeon for such a procedure. The area behind the knee (popliteal fossa) has important nerves and blood vessels that are vulnerable to injury by liposuction cannulas. While removing fat from legs, skilled and experienced surgeons do not attempt liposuction of such sensitive areas.

After liposuction of the legs or ankles, persistent swelling of the treated area can be an irritating problem without the use of ‘open drainage’ technique. With open-drainage (surgical incisions not closed with stitches) postoperative swelling is minimum and subsides within a few days.

For open drainage after liposuction, a board certified surgeon makes several tiny ‘adits’ on the lower leg and ankles. These adits encourage complete drainage of residual blood-tinged tumescent anesthetic solution, which in turn dramatically reduces swelling and bruising. Absorbent pads, placed over the adits and held in place by compression bandages help to catch the drainage. This open-drainage technique eliminates the problem of persistent swelling and bruising for the patient.

If you are looking for an experienced board certified surgeon in Orlando, your search ends at Pope Plastic Surgery. Dr. George Pope, MD, FACS, is a plastic and revisionist surgeon with experience of over 23 years in cosmetic surgery procedures including liposuction. He is also a member of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and a Fellow of The American College of Surgeons. To get an appointment or consult Dr. Pope, contact a team member at Pope Plastic Surgery.

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