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lip enhancement OrlandoPlump, fleshy, and soft lips really add to facial beauty. Lip enhancement is a cosmetic surgery procedure performed by board-certified plastic surgeons for the cosmetic enhancement and reconstruction of lips in adults.

Patients who have wrinkled, small or thin lips or a poor symmetry between the upper and lower lips are ideal candidates for this procedure. A candidate may opt for temporary or permanent lip enhancement.

Among temporary procedures, collagen, fat or artecoll injections are used to increase the size of the lips. These are effective for a few months after which the injection must be taken again to maintain the augmentation.

For a permanent lip augmentation, the candidate needs to opt for surgical procedures involving grafts and implants. The intake of blood thinning medicines such as asprin must be stopped before any cosmetic surgery including that for lip enhancement and if the person smokes, this also needs to be stopped at least 2 weeks before the lip augmentation surgery is performed.

A well-known surgical procedure used for lip augmentation involves the usage of Alloderm – a natural collagen sheet that is harvested from cadavers and is screened and highly processed under strict standards. This is inserted under local anesthesia through tiny incisions made in the inside corners of mouth. The incisions are then closed through sutures. There is no risk of rejection or infection in an Alloderm graft. The complete procedure takes about 35 to 40 minutes and the post surgery recovery period is 7-14 days. There may be some swelling, redness and pain after the procedure but this is subsided through painkillers prescribed by your board-certified plastic surgeon. You should avoid direct intake of very hot food during the recovery period. With time, Alloderm becomes integrated with the natural tissues of the body and gives the lips a natural, plump, and softer look.

At Pope Plastic Surgery, we use a variety of techniques for lip enhancement in Orlando. Not all the procedures mentioned above are offered here, but our board-certified plastic surgeon can recommend the perfect procedure for your individual case. Call us today for a free consultation on lip enhancement procedures Orlando.

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