How long does it take to recover from plastic surgery?

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Recovery time from a plastic surgery procedure will vary with both the individual patient and the procedure performed.

But I can speak in generalities here.

With most cosmetic surgery procedures, time off work can usually be limited to one week.

Bigger procedures such as a tummy tuck could require an extra week at home. And of course, the type of work you do will dictate how soon you resume it. A person with a desk job involving no heavy lifting can certainly return to work sooner than someone with a more physically demanding job.

Many of my patients are hair stylists, and their return to work is delayed, as they tend to stand most of the day at work and are constantly raising their arms. Other patients of mine with more physically demanding jobs include construction workers, sales people who stay on the road, and teachers.

The procedure you undergo will dictate your recovery.

A facelift patient should not drive until neck turning is easy and not painful. Because we use our “ab” muscles while driving to accelerate and brake, a tummy tuck patient should wait at least two weeks before driving.

As a general rule, I allow my patients to resume aerobic activity after three weeks, and weight lifting after six weeks.

Brisk walking in your neighborhood is all that I want you to do in the first three weeks of your recovery.

And if you are unsure, certainly call our office to ask us questions.

And listen to your body – if any activity during the recovery period is causing you pain, you should put that off for a while.

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