How Botox Can Boost Your Mood

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Botox is more multifaceted than most people realize. It was originally, and is most commonly used to prevent the muscle contractions that cause furrows when the face is in motion, such as frowning. Orlando botox treatments are now also used to relieve migraine pain or even reduce excessive underarm sweating. What many people don’t know is that Botox can also be a mood booster.

Preliminary research by dermatologist Dr. Eric Finzi shows that Botox may help individuals suffering from depression. Dr. Finzi believes that people with tense frown muscles located between the eyebrows, are more likely to feel depressed.

Although Dr. Finzi is still in the investigative stage, he presented a clinical trial with 74 subjects with major depression. Each participant was injected with either Botox or a simple saline injection between the eyebrows. More than 50% of the subjects treated with Botox reported an improvement in their mood, compared to only 15% in the saline group.

How does Botox work to relieve depression? Dr. Finzi hypothesized that the injections allow the muscles to unclench, making the patient stop frowning, and the relaxed facial muscles cause the participants emotional cloud to dissipate. He posits that you feel better when you smile whether you’re truly feeling happy or not, therefore you should feel better when you aren’t frowning. Botox is well known for muting the ability to frown by relaxing those facial muscles. The end result is not only a smoother face with fewer wrinkles, but also an uptick in mood.

Again, this work is only preliminary, but it has promising repercussions. Upon completion of the trial period, Dr. Finzi hopes to secure FDA approval for the use of Botox as a mood elevator. And while it may seem a little crazy, even mental health experts say that this theory makes perfect since; there have been previous studies that link one’s emotions with their expression. However, if you are feeling severe depression, consult your doctor for the appropriate treatment.

If you’re interested in learning what Orlando Botox treatments can do for you, schedule a consultation with our aesthetician at the Pope Plastic Surgery. Looking good makes you feel good, and we are dedicated to providing you with first-class cosmetic services that will allow you to achieve any beauty goal.

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