Gynecomastia: Get It Treated Soon

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The term “gynecomastia” simply means overdeveloped male breasts. With the development of breast tissue in males, their breast size increases. This condition is embarrassing and emotionally distressing to many men unfortunate enough to suffer from it. Generally the breast tissue develops during puberty, but the symptoms appear after adolescent. Whether one is in age of adolescence or adulthood, he might suffer from this disorder. Dr George Pope, an established plastic surgeon of Pope Plastic Surgery, provides effective gynecomastia treatment in Orlando to cure all the men out their facing this problem.

Boys and men suffering from gynecomastia feel ashamed of carrying female-like breast. They are even often taunted by their kiths and kin. This not only affects their personal relationships but also every aspect of their life. Their masculinity seems to deeply mislay. For men who want to regain their manliness, correction of enlarged male breasts is necessary. Through gynecomastia treatments Orlando one can easily reclaim his life by achieving perfect shape once again. Plastic surgery can help boost confidence, improve self-esteem, and helps ease emotional distress.

Generally most of the results are attained simply through liposuction. This procedure involves inserting a hollow tube into the target area and then using a sawing motion to extract excess fat cells, leaving the chest smooth and flat. In extreme cases where males have sagging skin and an enlarged or out of place areola, they are treated through excisions. During this procedure, excess skin is cut away and then stitched back tightly. The areola is repositioned to a more appealing height and minimized if necessary. However, sometimes both liposuction and excision are necessary to achieve optimal results while carrying out gynecomastia treatments Orlando.

Pope Plastic Surgery comprises up to date facilities and infrastructures to carry out gynecomastia surgery effectively. Here, Dr. George Pope has assured better living experiences to all his patients. A well fashioned masculine chest is the unswerving result of gynecomastia correction by Dr. George Pope. He uses the safest and most effective plastic surgery procedures to give better lives to all our patients. At any point of time you can call us to fix an appointment with Dr. Pope to discuss gynecomastia correction.

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