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Collagen is the main constituent that helps in keeping the skin look juvenile and smooth. With the aging, human body begins to lose its efficiency in producing collagen. With the reduction in collagen production, skin starts bearing wrinkles. Today, specialists have come up with advanced injectables to rejuvenate skin. These injectables act as fillers for skin. Sculptra, a collagen stimulator, is an injectable that helps the body to produce collagen in order to add volume. Dr. George Pope, a board certified surgeon at Pope Plastic Surgery, performs Sculptra in Orlando to get the best possible results and bring back the lost charm and appeal.

Usually with the aging of human body, the fat content of the face loses up. This leads to aged and ugly appearance. Scupltra in Orlando helps to undo this practice over the time by stimulating the body itself to create more tissues. Through sculptra one finally regains the youthful appearance. The shallow and deep facial wrinkles or folds get corrected easily. sculptra replaces the lost collagen to help in providing a refined and more young looking appearance. Sculptra trained physicians perform a series of treatment to get the desired results. Basically, three injection sessions are required within the period of few months. But, the number of injections and sessions may vary from person to person.

The reinforced collagen structure provides a foundation that restores the look of your shallow and deep facial wrinkles to fullness that has been depleted with the time. Though the results are achieved subtly and gradually but last for up to two years. The sculptra aesthetic physician applies the injectable with such care so that it is not applied on areas other than nasolabial wrinkles and folds in clinical trials.

Dr. George Pope, MD, FACS has over 25 years of experience in cosmetic procedures. . Dr. Pope has given life changing experiences to hundreds of people through his cosmetic, non-invasive procedures. He uses the secure method for carrying out sculptra in Orlando. Individual results and treatment sessions may vary as per the condition of a person. He promises absolutely amazing results every time he treats the patients with sculptra. So, contact us at Pope Plastic Surgery for an appointment with Dr. Pope.


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