Get ready to know about Cutera Titan and Nefertiti Botox neck treatment

Be a part of seminar at Pope Plastic Surgery to know how you can have a beautiful, tight neck without a surgery. We are organizing this event on April 11, 2012 to educate people on how they can rejuvanate sagging jawline or how they can have a beautiful neck without a surgery. The seminar will last for an hour, from 5:30-6:30 pm and will be presented by Linda Gilliland, ARNP, PHD.

During the seminar, you will come to know about how Cutera Laser Titan and Nefertiti method can help to make your neck look beautiful. You will get an opportunity to see how these treatments helped Lisa Crews get a beautiful neck after her neck rejuvenation treatment. Lisa Crews is working with Pope Plastic Surgery as a cosmetic surgery coordinator. She was treated with Cutera Laser Titan and Nefertiti, a method of injecting Botox into the jaw line and the upper neck to rejuvenate a sagging jawline.

The good news is that with the help of Cutera Laser Titan and Nefertiti method, you can have beautiful, tight neck without a surgery. The Cutera Titan uses a safe infrared light to heat the dermis below the skin’s surface and this result in tightening of skin without surgery. It is a non-surgical treatment to lift and tighten the skin, stimulate the growth of new collagen, and improve skin tone. There is no recovery time and so it allows patients to go back to their daily activities after the treatment. Results from this non-surgical facelift are immediate for over 90% of the patients. Patients of any skin type or age can be treated with this procedure.

You must make it a point to attend this seminar to see Lisa’s great results and to see if the procedures are right for you or not. There are many more attractions waiting for you at this seminar. On the day of seminar, Pope Plastic Surgery will offer a complete treatment for $1950, which is more than 25% off the normal price. The complete treatment package will offer you two Titan treatments, an Image peel tailored to your skin type, 4o units of Botox and full sized jars of Necktifirm and Finishing Touch. Some of the other exciting prizes waiting for you at this seminar are 25 units of Botox, one syringe of Juvederm and one box of Latisse.

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