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If you were to ask a group of people what the one thing they would want to improve about their bodies was, odds are you’d have at least one person express an interest in a flatter stomach. Thanks to the way the body burns fat and calories, it can be very difficult to target an area like the stomach on your own. If you have been exercising regularly and have consistently eaten a healthy diet, yet are still not seeing the results you desire, it may be time to explore surgical options. One such procedure, that should be used in tandem with a healthy diet and exercise, is a tummy tuck.

Abdominoplasty, otherwise known as an Orlando tummy tuck, is a procedure that removes excess fat and skin in the stomach area. In most cases, the procedure also restores weakened or separated muscles, ultimately creating an abdominal profile that is more firm and smooth.

Many people strive to achieve a “six-pack,” or at the very least, a flat, toned abdomen. Unfortunately, thanks to pregnancy, aging, or extreme weight gain and loss, obtaining the ideal abdominal appearance can be very difficult. These factors, as well as genetics or prior surgery, can cause a person to develop a loose or sagging abdomen.

Abdominoplasty is not meant to act as a substitute for weight loss or working out; it merely tightens the abdominal area. The results of a tummy tuck are immediate and often dramatic, and, thanks to the postsurgical drug, Exparel, we are now able to drastically reduce post-op pain for a quicker and easier recovery.

The first step in reaching your cosmetic goal is to find the perfect Board Certified plastic surgeon. Look no further than Dr. George Pope and the team at Pope Plastic Surgery. To learn more about the benefits of an Orlando tummy tuck, contact Dr. George Pope for a consultation.

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