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During past few years, plastic surgery has made a huge progress in medical science. To enhance your body features, many plastic surgeons are coming up to help you out. Dr. George Pope, a plastic surgeon in Orlando conducts various plastic surgeries to deal with deformities like ear plastic surgery and facial plastic surgery Orlando. If disfigured ears are bothering you, then consider Dr. George Pope in Orlando.

Sometimes physical deformities can become hindrance in an individual’s self confidence. As now-a-days, physical appearance matters a lot. Having a deformed ear is quite normal. What matters is getting the best treatment. Generally, people are born with deformed ear. In Orlando, Dr. George Pope provides best ear plastic surgery treatment to the patients.

Ear surgery known as ‘octoplasty’ can improve the shape and position of ears. It can deal with deformed ear structure that is present from the time of birth. Moreover, it can treat the ear defected due to accident or injuries. While bringing proportion to ears, ear plastic surgery gives natural shape to the ear. Even minor deformities can have better appearance. Dr. George Pope can treat overly large ears and obtrude ears exquisitely.

Generally in the beginning, anesthesia is used to give medications to ear. Then, Incisions are made on the back surface of the ear. Internal sutures are used in order to create the newly shaped cartilage in place. Incisions are closed through external stitches. Stitches are incorporated in such a way that it avoids unnatural pinned appearance. The immediate results can be seen just after the surgery gets concluded. The ear is positioned back to its place. Hardly, there are any surgical scars visible as they are hidden behind the ear.

Undergoing an ear plastic surgery is a personal decision. You have to decide thinking about the positive results and risks involved as well. Though there are no harsh complications, but one might undergo bleeding of ears, blood cot, infection or persisting pain. But Dr. George Pope of Orlando ensures you safe and protected ear plastic surgery.

Dr. George Pope, lead plastic surgeon of Orlando plastic surgery centre, provides superior plastic surgery services to the people of Orlando. Call us today to discuss about your decision of ear plastic surgery and facial plastic surgery in Orlando.

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