Ear Plastic Surgery: Correction Procedure for Ears

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If you feel that your ears are bit deformed, you can do away with such warp with the help of ear plastic surgery. This procedure is not new in the domain of cosmetic procedures. Children born with deformed ears resort to the treatment by a skilled plastic surgeon to get normal looking ears. In short, ear plastic surgery procedure is more effective than any other procedure for natural looking results. Whether you are concerned about functioning or appearance of your ears, this surgery is able to provide perfect solution. At Pope Plastic Surgery, Dr. George Pope, M.D. carries out plastic surgery procedure guaranteeing utmost results.

Being a board certified surgeon at Orlando certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery, he performs all operational work successfully. Ear plastic surgery is carried out by him to set ears back closer to the head. One of the best plastic surgery procedures for enhancing the appearance of ears is Otoplasty. Otoplasty is safer than other plastic surgery methods that can improve:

  1. Large ears
  2. Drooping ears
  3. Torn earlobes
  4. Cupped ear
  5. Shell ear
  6. Undeveloped ear
  7. Protruding ears

Universal way of carrying out Otoplasty is to make incisions at the back side of the ear to reshape the cartilage. If ears extend out of head, they are joined back and if they are big, they are brought to the real size. At the end of surgery, some blemishes might be observed, but they would lighten up with time. Otoplasty is a safe ear plastic surgery procedure. Dr. Pope ensures most excellent results while performing Otoplasty.

Pope Plastic Surgery possesses advanced conveniences and infrastructures to carry out ear plastic surgery effectively. Here, Dr. George Pope has assured better living experiences to all his patients. He has practiced in Orlando for more than 23 years and has performed numerous otoplasty procedures on both children and adults alike. At any point of time you can call us to fix an appointment with Dr. Pope to rectify the problem of torn earlobes. If you still have any doubt or worry related to the outcome of this procedure, then visit our gallery and witness the change yourself!

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