Ear Plastic Surgery: A Solution for Deformed Ears

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Plastic surgery has changed the life of various people who were annoyed with their physical appearance. Ear plastic surgery by a good cosmetic surgeon can effectively improve the look of poorly shaped ears. Otoplasty is helpful in all these forms:

  • bringing ears that stick out too far closer to the head
  • reducing the size of very large ears
  • reshaping various bends in the cartilage

With all these benefits, ear plastic surgery has effectual cosmetic solutions for both male and female. It can also be used to correct the shape of ears in young children as well. Before deformed ears become a source of embarrassment or low self esteem, it is advisable to choose otoplasty for yourself. If you are considering to take this cosmetic surgery in Orlando, then trust Dr. George Pope, a board certified surgeon at Pope Plastic Surgery, who is well experienced in otoplasty procedures.

Ear plastic surgery is performed as per the condition and age of the patient. The surgery is performed through anesthesia and sedatives in adults. While for young children, general anesthesia is used to keep them calm during the surgery. The incisions are made behind the ears so that the scars are not visible to the people. The obtruded ears are repositioned backward. If folds of ears are missing, then they can be created from the tissues of the patient’s body itself.  Moreover, injured or thickened ears can be carved with the help of Otoplasty. Though there is little pain after the surgery. But that pain is temporary; patient can recover in about a week time.

With right ear plastic surgery, surgeon can reshape the ears to enhance the curb appearance. Surgeons also take in your pictures prior to the surgery so that he can compare after and before results of ear plastic surgery. This is a perfect way to reach to patient’s expectations.

At Pope Plastic Surgery, we have state-of–the-art facilities for the comfort of all patients, and we provide the most effective cosmetic surgery treatments. Dr. George Pope is a board certified surgeon with more than 20 years of experience in plastic surgery, has helped numerous men and women gain more confidence in their appearance. Call us today for a consultation and to learn about our cosmetic surgery procedures.

Visit http://georgepopemd.com/ and watch out successful after and before results of Ear Plastic Surgery.

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