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A prominent facial feature that usually draws attention from onlookers is the nose. It is one facial feature that is significant in enhancing one’s features. However, if the nose is misshapen or deformed, it could be distracting to an onlooker, even on an otherwise beautiful face. For others, the nose may be blocked by a deformity which makes breathing difficult.

Rhinoplasty (also referred to as nose lift) is the surgical procedure best to solve these problems. It re-shapes the outside of the nose to perfectly fit it with the facial structure therefore creating balance and emphasizing beauty. Difficulty breathing caused by deformities can be corrected through septoplasty (repair of the nasal septum) or reduction of turbinates (cone-shaped tissues inside the nose). By re-arranging/ reshaping or removing bone and cartilage, the procedure eliminates any blockage or narrowing of the passages.

Anyone can have rhinoplasty provided that he/she has complete facial and nasal growth. The procedure is especially indicated to individuals with the following:

  • Your nose seems to be misshapen or disproportionate to your facial structure.
  • If the shape is undesirable: such as a drooping tip, a too-prominent bump on the bridge, too-wide or flaring nostrils or other similar problems.
  • Your nose is deformed after an injury or accident, making it deviate from the midline.
  • You have a structural obstruction preventing you from breathing unrestricted through one or both nostrils.

Careful restructuring is done in order to create subtle yet remarkable results that balances with the facial features naturally.

A certified plastic surgeon consults with the client, the medical history is obtained and a physical assessment of the nose is done, after which the client is asked to describe the desired outcome of the procedure. Images or photographs are presented to the client to aid determining the desired result of the procedure. Other procedures like Rhytidectomy otherwise known as Facelift might help in complementing with the Rhinoplasty procedure for a more satisfying outcome that emphasizes the overall beauty that the client desired.

The procedure is performed under General anaesthesia or IV sedation. There are two types of Rhinoplasty procedure: Closed and Open.

Closed Rhinoplasty is performed by placing small incisions inside the lining of the nostrils. It involves reduction of the size and shape of the nose and/or the removal of a hump on the nose.

Open Rhinoplasty is done by making an external incision across the skin bridge between the nostrils near you upper lip in order to join the internal incisions made.

The procedure starts with the separation of the skin on the nose from the bone and cartilage underlying it. Sculpting and reshaping the bone and cartilage then follows, areas of excess are removed and building up other areas to proportion the structure. After which the separated skin is re-draped over the bone and cartilage then closed by making internal incisions. Flared nostrils are corrected by placing an external incision between the nostrils near the upper lip resulting to a more narrowed nostril. The scar is unnoticeable since it will be hidden underneath the natural skin fold at the base of the nose.

After the surgery, a lightweight external splint is used to protect the nasal bones and maintain the new shape. Internal splints are also used to support the nasal septum. The splints are removed after a week. Some stuffiness is expected after the surgery. It takes 1- 2 weeks for patient recovery and 2-3 weeks for normal activities to be resumed.

No scars are evident after the surgery since the incisions are internal or hidden. Risks and complications are minimal and uncommon but there is always a possibility for infection, nosebleed or anaesthesia reactions. The client must follow the instructions given before and after the procedure. Second procedures are rare and they are usually corrective to address a slight deformity.

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