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Microdermabrasion is a treatment used to assist people with Rosasa, acne, and other things which can cause inflammation of the skin around the face. Generally many people who receive these treatments use it to help even out the skins texture and inflammation. Microdermabrasion treatments generally need to be repeated and are a great low cost if you are looking to help yourself a bit more than an over the counter aid. The treatment its self takes only 30-45 minutes, and has no recovery time.

The procedure:

The overall procedure involves a micro-dermabrasion machine which buffs away the dead skin cells and opens the pores. This provides much relief and support in re-leaving the patient of acne, as it makes it harder for the acne to thrive. Many people repeat the process. After two treatments the results show a bigger improvement in the skins tone and texture. The micro-dermabrasion is gentler than the dermabrasion treatment.

After Treatment:

After treatment the patient can return to work, home, school, or whatever. The micro-dermabrasion treatment has no recovery time. Many people use their lunch times to get the procedures. It is generally more successful to remove acne after getting the micro-dermabrasion treatments. You can often purchase the treatments in packages of between 3-5 treatments. This ensures you get your desired results.

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