Cosmetic Surgery Blog: All about Chemical Peels for your Face!

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Chemical peels can improve many different types of skin conditions including scarring from acne, skin pigmentation issues, and uneven skin surface caused by sun and aging. Chemical peels can also help reduce fine wrinkles, brighten up dull or weathered skin, freckling skin, reduce brown spots.

A chemical peel is a great first step to improving your skin without surgical intervention. You can choose from different options depending on your need. Basically, a chemical peel removes the dead skin cells and the damaged outer layers of your skin. A chemical solution smoothens or evens out the outer layer and causes it to peel. A peel helps enhance your overall look because the outer damaged skin layers are removed.

A Mild Peel is one in which only the superficial skin layer is removed. This is the common type of chemical peel and is generally recommended for most skin types. It is most commonly used to treat simple acne and pimple scars or smoothen skin pigmentation problems. The chemical peel is basically a diluted acid solution which is applied on the skin for a few minutes (2-4 minutes). It is neutralized with water after that and the face is wiped clean. A cooling mixture may be applied if there is any discomfort or burning sensation experienced. This peel results in a smoother and brighter-looking skin almost immediately.

A Medium Peel is one in which the acid or chemical goes beyond the superficial layer of the skin. After the treatment, you may experience a sun-burned look. The skin may also look a bit chafed. In this peel, the chemical solution is kept on the skin longer than in the mild peel. This peel is most recommended for people who have significant sun-damaged skin types, heavy wrinkles, and greater skin pigmentation problems.

A Deep Peel and one that is rarely used goes through several skin layers. It is used to treat pigmentation problems and wrinkles and other issues. A deep skin peel takes longer time, more than an hour in many cases and does produce more dramatic results but also requires far significant recovery time. Deep peels are not recommended in most cases as they can also have severe skin complications.

To get started then, a mild chemical peel is the best option. Call our office today and schedule a free consultation with our medical aesthetician to see if a chemical peel is for you.

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