Butt Augmentation Safety Concerns

Pope Plastic Surgery Center - ASPS Member Surgeon

A botched butt augmentation surgery in Queens, New York highlights the growing epidemic of unsafe procedures done by unqualified individuals.

The news article reported that an individual who went to a Queens spa to get a butt augmentation procedure done developed infections and almost died from the procedure.

Any invasive cosmetic surgery is dangerous. But when a cosmetic surgery procedure is done in a sterile office with a board certified surgeon, the risks are minimized or managed. A plastic surgery procedure has to be done meticulously to ensure successful results and also to prevent surgeries. Most spas are not staffed with certified, medical doctors who may not understand how to properly do a procedure. Also, most surgeries, even the simple ones, require good post-op care. Most salons and spas are just not equipped to do so.

So beware of the dangers of going to a spa to get a cosmetic procedure done. Are the cost savings (if any) really worth putting your life in danger?

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