Botox Makes Those Wrinkles Disappear!

Pope Plastic Surgery Center - ASPS Member Surgeon

Have you gotten tired of seeing the wrinkles and crow’s feet appear in your mirror every time you smile? Do people ask you if you’re worried or comment that you look tired even when you’re feeling wide awake? If so, then you may be the perfect candidate to try out Botox.

Botox injections can help improve your appearance by temporarily reducing fine lines and wrinkles on your face! The secret is the way that Botox relaxes the facial muscles that cause the wrinkles in the first place and keeps them from tightening up again and reforming those wrinkles.

Botox is one of the most well-known and popular cosmetic procedures to undergo today – and there’s a reason why. Contact Dr. George Pope to schedule your consultation and learn more about how Botox can help you.

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