Asymmetrical Breast Correction

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When you look in a mirror after getting out of the shower or perhaps while putting on your bra every morning, does it seem like one of your breasts may be larger than the other? This is known as breast asymmetry and as it turns out, you’re probably right. Almost everyone has a degree of asymmetry, but it’s more severe for some women than others. If you’re among them, you may want to consider asymmetrical breast correction.

How do you know if your asymmetry is worth correcting? If there’s at least a cup difference between breasts, it’s typically noticeable. This surgery is not recommended for those who have less than a cup size differentiation in their breasts. Exceptions can be made for those who feel psychological damage due to their asymmetry. The good news is that this asymmetry can be corrected by either making the large breast smaller, or by enlarging the smaller breast. Talk to your Orlando plastic surgeon to help you make your decision.

Anyone with noticeable breast asymmetry can benefit from surgical correction. While most women are simply born with dissimilar breasts, the cause of asymmetry for other patients may not be the breast area at all, but rather due to rib abnormalities. In this case, the ribs can be either deficient or prominent; either way, it affects the size of the breast.

Others may have a condition called Poland’s Syndrome, characterized by the deficiency or absence of the pectoralis major muscle. Those with Poland’s syndrome have an asymmetry of the chest wall itself and need to be corrected with either implants or in more severe cases, extensive reconstruction.

Don’t feel self conscious about the asymmetry of your breasts; we can help you even things out. If you’re interested in correcting your breast asymmetry, contact the Orlando plastic surgeon Dr. George Pope and his team at the Pope Plastic Surgery for a consultation.

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