About Otoplasty: Ear Plastic Surgery

Slight improvements in facial or body features can go a long way in enhancing anyone's personal looks. Plastic surgery has made huge progress in medical science during the past few years and now there are procedures for just about any deformity that becomes a hindrance in an individual's self confidence or ability to work well.

Ear Plastic surgery, known as Otoplasty in medical literature, is a way to correct protruding and drooping ears. Torn earlobes can also be corrected by Otoplasty. Exceptionally large ears or those that stick out can also be reformed with ear plastic surgery. Indeed, surgery must be considered on ears that stick out more than 4/5th of an inch from back of the head. The ears normally reach their their full size at the age of five or six and it is safe for a child to undergo an Otoplasty, if he or she has any deformity or over sized ears.  Surgical treatment at an early age has two benefits – The cartilage being more pliable is easier to reshape for children and with the cosmetic improvement, the child feels more confident in peer interaction during his or her growing years.

The surgery may be done under local or general anesthesia. It begins with a cut behind the ear, in the fold where ear joins the head. The surgeon may remove skin and cartilage or reshape and trim the cartilage. With these procedures, ears are reshaped, reduced in size and/or made more symmetrical.  After this, the cartilage is secured in its new position with permanent stitches to support the ear while healing occurs. The normal duration for an Otoplasty is about two hours.

Many people have had this surgical procedure performed, including some of Hollywood's hottest celebrities. Take a look at a photo of Brad Pitt before and after an Octoplasty surgery:

Octoplasty - Brad PittIt must be mentioned here that Otoplasty does not impact the hearing power of an individual. It is a safe cosmetic medical remedy to improve the look and appearance of ears which have any sort of deformity by birth or due to an accident.

Pope Plastic Surgery in Orlando, Florida has a team of experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeons, who are dedicated to providing superior plastic and reconstructive surgery services to the community of Central Florida and beyond. Lead surgeon and owner Dr. George H. Pope, M.D, is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is also the member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Call us today to discuss your options for Octoplasty surgery.

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