Orlando Plastic Surgery Blog: Liposuction Procedures for Arms — Time to Look Fabulous Again in That Sleeveless Dress!

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Unshapely arms cause a lot of embarrassment for women, especially while wearing short sleeved or sleeveless tops.

Liposuction to the rescue… With appropriate liposuction procedures (performed only by a board-certified plastic surgeon), a woman can get the shapely, sexy arms she desires, so that he can confidently wear her favorite outfits once again. For some women, exercising is not enough. Liposuction must be used to remove saggy areas of fat, particularly the underside of the arm—the tricep area.

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure that not only helps to get rid of excessive fat but also gives a better contour to the body part.

For removal of fat from arms, older liposuction procedures often included an additional excision of skin from the inner side of the arm, which resulted in unsightly scars.

An experienced board-certified surgeon uses modern “tumescent technology” involving micro cannulas, making large excisions of skin unnecessary. Micro cannular tumescent liposuction of female arms can easily and consistently yield results that are well proportioned and without any visible surgical scars.

The aesthetic goal of arm liposuction is to correct the disproportionate appearance of arms that allows women to be more comfortable and less self-conscious while wearing outfits that reveal their arms.

The drooping flaps of skin can be eliminated by tumescent liposuction using micro cannulas. Liposuction is done around the entire arm and the weight of fat on skin is eliminated to improve skin elasticity. The anterior axillary fat pads in front of the arm pit are also eliminated using appropriate liposuction procedures. The microcannulas help to minimize the risks of aesthetically displeasing irregularities of the skin.

Post surgery care after arm liposuction calls for just moderate degree of compression over the treated area. Excessive compression can cause swelling of arms and so the right style of dressing is important for best results. A board certified surgeon prescribes effective painkillers for the patient’s comfort.

Dr. George Pope at Pope Plastic Surgery is a board certified surgeon with experience in more than 20 years in cosmetic surgery. Using the safest and most effective liposuction procedures, he has given life-changing experience to numerous patients. The OASIS surgical suite at Pope Plastic Surgery has state-of-the-art facilities for best plastic surgeries.

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