Liposuction: The Solution to Permanently Eliminating Stubborn Fat Deposits

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Liposuction, which permanently removes fat from the body, is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed in the United States. Many patients opt for Orlando liposuction following complaints about stubborn fat deposits that don’t respond to diet and exercise.

A recent study published in the official journal of American Society of Plastic Surgeons indicated that fat doesn’t migrate to other parts of the body or regenerate in areas that have been treated with liposuction.

While Orlando liposuction is commonly performed on the lower torso, thighs and arms, many other areas of the body can also be treated, including the face, neck and breasts. It can also be used in conjunction with other procedures like tummy tucks for a more desirable overall shape.

Since it is an outpatient procedure, minimally-invasive, and offers a relatively short recovery time, liposuction is a popular option for permanent fat reduction. Those looking to undergo a liposuction procedure should consult with a cosmetic surgeon and be close to their ideal weight. Patients should also understand that liposuction does not automatically ensure against future weight gain: the only way to keep it off is to continue good diet and exercise habits.

Depending on the amount of fat being removed, liposuction can take anywhere from one to five hours. It’s possible to see a fairly immediate difference, but it can takes up to six weeks before long-term results are visible.

If you’re interested in permanently eliminating stubborn fat deposits, contact Dr. George Pope and his team at the Pope Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation for an Orlando liposuction procedure.

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