Is a Breast Lift Surgery Worth It?

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As time goes on, life can take a toll on your body: you could get wrinkles, you could find it harder to lose weight, and your breasts could begin to sag (an undesired side effect of gravity). At some point, you may want to consider Orlando breast lift surgery to enhance your figure, smooth your silhouette and boost your confidence.

An Orlando breast lift does just what the name implies: lifts your breasts so they sit higher on your chest. Excess skin is removed using various techniques based on what body type you currently have and what body shape you’d like to have.

Would you benefit from such a surgery? Perhaps. You may be a good candidate if your breasts hang lower than you’d prefer, if you want firmer breasts, or if you’d like to improve the positioning of your nipples or areolas. Breast lifts can be combined with other procedures (like an augmentation) for additional volume and firmness.

Breast lifts are done under general anesthesia and last two to three hours. Following your procedure, your breasts will be swollen, and you will likely need four to six weeks to heal and up to six months for your breasts to settle into their new positions.

Orlando Breast lift surgery could help boost your self-esteem and give you a new outlook. To schedule a consultation to see if a breast lift procedure is right for you, contact Dr. George Pope and the team at the Pope Plastic Surgery.

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