Do Breast Implants Affect Mammograms?

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We’re well out of the month of October (Breast Cancer Awareness month), but for most women, breast cancer is on your mind beyond “Pinktober.” It’s important to be vigilant and catch breast cancer early, and the most common way to do that is by getting a mammogram. A fairly common question among those that have or are interested in getting breast implants is whether or not they affect the results of a mammogram.

In short, Orlando breast implants do not necessarily reduce the effectiveness or importance of mammograms. Thankfully, if a woman has implants, a mammogram is still able to detect signs of cancer, if read properly. It is thus crucial for all women, including those with implants, to regularly get mammograms.

With increased technology and skilled radiologists, those who perform mammograms understand the techniques needed to make sure a clear image is produced during an examination. The best ways to ensure that your mammogram is performed and read correctly is to go to a facility that has specific experience with women with implants, and to tell the technician that you have them. It may require some additional angles and imaging, so be sure to speak up.

Regardless of whether or not you have implants, you should also discuss your medical history with your doctor, including family history.

Breast health is a serious topic. If you have questions regarding your Orlando breast implants or want to learn more about breast augmentation, Dr. George Pope and the team at Pope Plastic Surgery are here to help.

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