Cosmetic Surgery Blog: Are you a Candidate for Treatment for Telangiectasias (Broken Blood Vessels)

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Telangiectasias are small diameter, linear blood vessels that develop on the surface of the skin. They are also known as “broken blood vessels”. Most broken skin vessels are found on the face and cheeks, particularly around the nostrils. Vascular lesions vary in size and color. Telangiectasias are commonly found in people who have sun-damaged skin or rosacea.

Vascular lesions can be treated with laser treatment whereby the energy of the lasers is targeted at the vessels. Using this targeted approach, doctors can do a selective destruction of the lesions. This is a non-invasive procedure that has minimal impact on surrounding skin.

Our CoolGlide laser can remove vascular lesions including telangiectasias, angiomas, spider and deeper leg veins.

Topical anesthetic can be used for this procedure and the average number of treatments is 2-3 every 6-8 weeks. Most patients describe the procedure as a stinging sensation. You must avoid tanning and wear sunscreen in the treatment area before and after the procedure. Depending on the extent of the leg veins, some patients might need to temporarily wear compression stockings and refrain from exercise after each treatment. This is not a procedure to treat varicose veins.

Contact our office to learn more about Telangiectasias and if you are a candidate for the treatment options we offer.

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