Trends in Plastic Surgery Over the Age of 65

Our bodies are constantly changing, as are our expectations about how we should look. It may be no surprise that as we live longer, we also desire to hang on to our youthful looks, which in many cases translates to Orlando plastic surgery. What may surprise you, however, are some of the statistics of just how common these procedures have become.

Who is opting for Orlando plastic surgery?

Contrary to some beliefs, not just the young or middle-aged. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of plastic surgery procedures for those aged 65 and older has increased almost 80% in the last 10 years, with more than 760,000 cosmetic procedures performed on patients over 65. In fact, the 65 and over age group made up 8.3% of all surgical and non-surgical procedures.

What are they getting done?

For women over the age of 65, breast augmentation is the most popular surgery. Also in great demand are neck lifts, which eliminate band lines, excess skin and fat beneath the chin.

What are their reasons?

With people living longer and remaining healthier, many want their physiques to match their mindset and health. Both men and women seek to reduce wrinkles and sagging both safely and efficiently.

Curious about your options? Dr. George Pope and his team at the Pope Plastic Surgery can help you determine which procedure is right for you. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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