Tips to Help Prepare for a Breast Augmentation

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Undergoing an Orlando breast augmentation can be an exciting experience, but you may be nervous about your post-operative experience. Preparing ahead of time for the days prior to the surgery will help your recovery go smoothly, and you may even speed up the healing process.

Before surgery, think about what items you’ll need while recovering: the remote for the TV, the charger for your phone, your laptop bag, etc. Place them all within easy reach to prevent any extra straining.

Invest in pillows. It is recommended that you sit up-right at a 45 degree angle for six days following your surgery to reduce swelling.

Have your spouse or a friend handle the cooking, prepare and freeze some meals in advance, or purchase ready-made meals.

Your doctor will provide you with a post-op bra that is soft, breathable and easy to remove. You’ll still need to prepare your wardrobe: look for clothing that is easy to put on and take off (anything that buttons in the front is recommended), and make sure you have a ready supply of clean clothes.

Keep ice packs or bags of frozen fruits or vegetables in the freezer. Twenty minutes on and twenty minutes off can decrease swelling and pain, as well as relieve any itching.

You’ll likely also need pain medication to reduce discomfort. Dr. George Pope offers Exparel to assist with post-surgical pain management. Exparel has been proven to be safe and effective for any post-op care.

Being prepared can make you feel better and heal faster. Dr. George Pope and his team at Pope Plastic Surgery will arm you with the tools you need for a healthy recovery. Contact us today for a consultation for an Orlando breast augmentation procedure.

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