Say No to Lipodissolve Injections

Fat-melting injections are under the scrutiny of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA wants patients to know that Lipodissolve injections have not been proven safe or effective.

Basically Lipodissolve injections are popular because they are offered as an alternative to cosmetic surgery to remove fat from the body. So instead of liposuction, Lipodissolve injections are “supposed to be” dissolving small fat deposits around the stomach and also around the arms and legs. But the FDA hasn’t cleared these lipodissolve injections yet and so their safety and effectiveness cannot be proven.

The agency issued warning letters to a half-dozen spas that offer the injections, citing them for making unsubstantiated claims about lipodissolve therapy. All spas that are marketing and selling this treatment have been warned by the FDA to stop claiming these benefits.

FDA reports that patients who’ve gone through these treatments have complained about scarring and skin deformations.

Moral of this story is that patients need to be very careful when evaluating cosmetic procedures. Patients should also always, always, always choose board certified doctors for any cosmetic procedure they are considering. Also beauty spas are not medical facilities and may not always have a board certified physician on staff. To ensure proper care during and post-procedure, be sure to visit a qualified cosmetic surgeon. You’ll be glad you did.

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