Rhinoplasty for a More Beautiful Nose

Planning for a rhinoplasty in Florida? Those opting for a first time or even a revisionist surgery must always choose a board-certified surgeon for the treatment. A cosmetic and revisionist surgeon certified by the America Board of Plastic Surgery uses the most effective and safest techniques for rhinoplasty and other cosmetic surgery procedures. It is possible to get not only aesthetic, but also functional results of rhinoplasty in Florida when the right surgeon is chosen.

A pre-surgery consultation is the first step for rhinoplasty in Florida. Your doctor examines the structure of your nose and face and you can discuss your own expectations from the surgery. A nose may be turned up, hooked, pug, Roman or Greek… using the right rhinoplasty techniques, your surgeon can correct its deformities and structure it for a better facial look. A blood test is also required and your surgeon would need to know if you are allergic to any particular medications. Depending on the amount of corrections required, the surgery may be performed under local or general anesthesia.

A cosmetic surgeon can use open or closed techniques for rhinoplasty surgery. For open rhinoplasty, the cartilage of nose is exposed by peeling back the nasal skin. This is done by making a small external incision on the columella (the part of the nose between two nostrils) and additional incisions are made inside the nose. While using closed rhinoplasty techniques, all the incisions are made inside the nose so that there are no external scars. Certain surgeons feel that open techniques provide a better access to nasal structures for corrections but an experienced surgeon for rhinoplasty in Florida can use any of the techniques to bring the best results. Indeed when closed rhinoplasty procedures are used, there is less swelling, less scarring and a shorter recovery period for the patient.

Direct exposure to sun and stressful physical activities must be avoided for sometime after a rhinoplasty surgery. The swelling subsides gradually as per the amount of corrections made and the visible impact of surgery is a better looking nose, well proportionate to face.

If you need to have rhinoplasty in Orlando, look no further than Pope Plastic Surgery. Dr. George Pope, board-certified surgeon, has more than 23 years of experience in plastic surgery. The center also has state-of-the-art surgical facilities for the comfort, safety and privacy of patients.


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