Revision Otoplasty for More Beautiful Ears

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Ear plastic surgery or otoplasty is not simple. Understanding the beauty of the ear, its issues, and deciding what should be the right techniques for correction is an art. Because of these complexities, I advise cosmetic surgery patients in Orlando, FL, to consult only with a board-certified plastic surgeon when seeking ear surgery.

Can I get a second otoplasty?

Yes. If you have already had an otoplasty and are not quite happy with the outcome, a skilled board-certified surgeon can still help you to get the results that you seek.

With the right plastic surgery plastic procedures, an otoplasty surgeon can reshape and resize your ears for a better appearance. Ideally a patient going for revision ear plastic surgery should also show the doctor a few pictures for the look of the ears prior to the initial surgery. This helps the doctor to compare the pre and post-surgery looks and get a better idea of the patient’s expectations.

Do otoplasty scars go away or interfere with a revision surgery?

Scars after any plastic surgery can take up to 6 months to heal so there should be some time gap between your previous and revision ear plastic surgery. Altered anatomy and internal scars can interfere with the plastic surgery procedures for a revision otoplasty.

What problems can revision otoplasty address?

Contracted antihelical fold is a complication due to excessive bending of the antihelix. This problem is noticed when the fold of the ear is over bent to compensate for a projecting concha. The contracted antihelix may also result from a plan to bring the ears too close to the head and from the inadequate healing nature of the cartilage. Through revision otoplasty a board certified surgeon can unbend the cartilage and correct the elements that were not properly addressed.

If your problem was enlarged ears and this could not be corrected by bringing the ears closer to the head, during a revision ear plastic surgery, the cosmetic surgeon can address the issue through a reduction otoplasty.

An ear deformity can also cause both the top and bottom of the ear to protrude. Revision otoplasty can help to sculpt the elements in a better alignment.

If you are interested in plastic surgery in Orlando, FL, we’re happy to discuss your goals with you. Request a consultation using the online form or call us at (407) 857-6261 to schedule an appointment.

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