Recovery from the Swelling Caused by Nose Jobs

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Rhinoplasty is now a well known cosmetic surgery procedure in Orlando. A number of Hollywood celebrities have also undergone nose jobs for sharper or cosmetically superior facial looks. Using different techniques of rhinoplasty, Board certified surgeons can change the size, shape and look of nose for best results.

Nose jobs in Orlando are performed with open and closed rhinoplasty procedures. At Pope Plastic Surgery, Dr. George Pope MD, FACS examines the anatomy of the patient’s nose and face during the pre surgery consultation to determine the best technique for the surgery. He has also performed a number of revisionist rhinoplasty for candidates who were not very satisfied with the results of their last nose job.

Bruising, swelling and minor surgical marks are caused by any surgery and a cosmetic surgery performed on the face may make such signs very noticeable. Someone who undertakes a plastic or cosmetic surgery treatment for a ‘better visual appearance’ would naturally feel disheartened to see blood marks, bruising or excessive swelling when he/she regains consciousness after the procedure. However, it must be remembered and accepted that certain cosmetic surgery procedures are invasive and it does take some time before the actual results of the treatment start to reflect. Patience is the key!

A nasal packing may be stuffed into nose to minimize the swelling and bleeding caused by the treatment. During this time, the patient may feel uncomfortable as he/she will have to breathe through the mouth – the packing is removed after a few hours. The surgeon also prescribes safe painkillers and the right post surgery diet for the candidate. Over-the-counter medications like aspirin must not be taken unless recommended by the doctor as this is a blood thinning drug and may hinder the recovery from swelling.

Cold compressors are also prescribed to reduce swelling, but these must be used as per the exact instructions of the surgeon. At Pope Plastic Surgery we have special cold packs that aid in post surgery healing.

If there was a lot of restructuring and/or reshaping was required during the nose job, it may also cause swelling or darkening of the under eye area on face. Again, this diminishes and goes away with time.

The total swelling on the nose may sometimes take up to 6 months to subside. However difference in the structure of nose and its cosmetic effects do start to reflect and an improvement can be noticed with every passing week.

Dr. George Pope is a member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and The American Board of Plastic Surgery and has performed thousands of successful rhinoplasty surgeries. Contact us today for an appointment with the best plastic surgeon of FL.

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