Recovering from Ear Plastic Surgery, Also Known as Otoplasty

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An ear plastic surgery or otoplasty aims to rectify the deformities of ears. If you are considering this cosmetic surgery in Orlando, you should trust the procedure to only an experienced board-certified surgeon who is knowledgeable in otoplasty surgeries.

Ear plastic surgery involves the reshaping and repositioning of ears. It is also one of the safest plastic surgery procedures for young children. The ears reach their fully mature size at the age of 5 or 6 and deformities if any can be corrected before they become a source of embarrassment for the child during his or her pre-teen or teenage years. Ear plastic surgery does not impact the hearing potential of a person. It is only a correction of the external shape and/or size of ears for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons.

Here is one of Dr. Pope’s otoplasty patients… a before and after photo of this young man’s back view. More otoplasty before and after photos can be found in our Before and After Gallery under Otoplasty.

otoplasty before and after image behind viewAn otoplasty surgery takes about 2 hours and can be performed on local as well as general anesthesia. The period of recovery from the surgery depends on the kind of corrections made and the plastic surgery procedures used. After the surgery the ears and head of the patient are covered with bandages for healing of tissues. As the effect of anesthesia and local sedatives reduces after the surgery, there is some pain, discomfort and a sensation of throbbing in the ears. The painkilling medications prescribed by the plastic surgeon will help to reduce such pain. The patient should try to sleep on his/her back instead of leaning sideways as this can put pressure on the ear and impact the treatment.

Two or three days after the ear plastic surgery, the dressing may have to be changed. This happens when the patient visits his/her surgeon for the post surgery check-up. The bandages are replaced by a broad head-band that gently covers the ears. External surgical sutures are generally dissolvable and do not leave any visible post-surgery marks on or around the ear.

The swelling subsides in about 10-15 days after the ear plastic surgery and the visible results of surgery also become obvious in this period. With better looking ears proportionate to facial structure, the person feels more confident.

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