Quit Smoking Before Plastic Surgery

Quit Smoking During Plastic SurgeryNon smokers (as well as most smokers) are aware of the harmful effects of smoking. It causes cancer of the lungs, mouth, throat, esophagus and stomach and raises your risk of bronchitis, emphysema, heart disease and stroke. Thousands of deaths in the United States are attributed directly to smoking, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These reasons should be enough for smokers to quit smoking. However those who may be considering a cosmetic surgery in Orlando or anywhere in America should also be aware that smoking increases the complications of, and slows down recovery from any plastic surgery procedure. Plastic surgeons always instruct their patients to resist smoking for at least 5 months before and after the surgery. But to ensure sound health, the habit must be given up completely.

Smoking and plastic surgeries do not mix at all. When you smoke, the delivery of oxygen to tissues is reduced because it constricts blood vessels. If your cells are deprived of oxygen, you will not have an effective and quick healing after the plastic surgery. Wound separation, skin death and raised red scars would also adversely impact the cosmetic results of surgery.

Habitual and regular smokers who undergo plastic surgery also face a greater risk of anesthesia complications, infection and pneumonia after the treatment. In worse cases the patient may suffer a heart attack, stroke and even death. Studies pertaining to American plastic surgery results show that, chain smokers who did not give up smoking as per their surgeon’s instructions were impacted by post surgery complications and some also had to be moved to Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The total recovery period also tends to be long. Due to these reasons, some of the American plastic surgery specialists also refuse to perform elective cosmetic surgery procedures on heavy smokers, unless they actually quit smoking.

Smoking also causes premature aging. This is why a person who quits smoking for plastic surgery but falls back upon the habit after the treatment would undo the anti-aging benefits of plastic surgery procedure. Therefore, it is counterproductive to smoke and take pains to look younger and better.

At Pope Plastic Surgery, we prepare all our patients for best results of their cosmetic surgery. Dr. George H Pope, MD, FACS is a surgeon experienced in American plastic surgery procedures. He ensures that all his patients take necessary precautions before and after the surgery for best cosmetic results. Get an appointment with Dr. Pope to discuss your plastic surgery needs.

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